Contact 2020

Contact is inspired by life in times of coronavirus. Cornelis continues is research combining marble and stainless steel. The circular steel base is an integral part of the sculpture. Its watery and reflecting surface mirrors the marble cone, creating a contact effect. In its purity of shape, the artwork turns into a symbol of social distancing, as virus spreads through droplet transmission.

Contact, marble and stainless steel, 48×18 cm, 2020

Pi, imperfections

Cornelis was inspired by the human search for perfection. Pi is an irrational and transcendental number. Pi artwork is a perfect metal sphere in its totality, but it is made up of three different sizes of circles that do not always manage to touch each other. Perfection in imperfection as a human condition results in beauty and harmony. The circle is a basic geometric shape used by the artist and here the single circles are united to create the main sphere: Pi is also the leit motiv of the full process.
The iron artwork is currently placed in the garden of the sculptor’s residence in Italy.