Art Cornelis in Faenza

From 15th March to the end of April 2019, a selection of abstract works by the Dutch sculptor Cornelis Rijken will be exhibited in the Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank overlooking Piazza del Popolo in Faenza.

Cornelis, by now casolano of adoption since 2007, proposes small sculptures in Carrara marble, stainless steel, black granite and bronze that express themes dear to him such as the infinite, the void and the essence. The art critic Silvia Pegoraro wrote about him:
“The paradox of art – evident above all in sculpture – is to express a mental or spiritual concept through matter, and in Rijken’s work the tension between matter and mind is particularly noticeable: the mathematical symbol of the infinite translated in fascinating sculptural forms it is a vivid and effective testimony. And this is how his sculpture can be perceived as a sort of tense bow of the spirit, which adds many more to the three dimensions of space. All this is possible thanks to the ability to create a metamorphosis of the material, transforming metal and stone, with their hardness and static nature into organic and dynamic forms, which can best be described using the concepts of fluidity and flight. Cornelis Rijken is therefore one of the most interesting exponents of an artistic research aimed at renewing sculpture in the sign of a release from the constraint of volume and weight, recovering unfathomable elements such as emptiness and energy from the composition. “

Cornelis’s sculpture is also and above all monumental, like “La porta del pensiero”, a work in Carrara marble from 2011, located in the Marina di Ravenna dock.

You can visit his atelier and sculpture garden in Casola Valsenio, by appointment:
Cornelis Rijken
Porcaticcio di Sopra
Via San Lorenzo 5, Casola Valsenio RA
349 0908697

Published by Gabriela Morini

Yoga teacher, communication consultant and owner of Porcaticcio Holiday Home, Casola Valsenio, Italy.

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